IP55 certified Aerial Subscriber Node with 24 ports
  • A dedicated and protected area for the distribution fibers.
  • Guarantees placement of distribution and subscriber cables over time
  • Shorter installation time
  • IP 55 gel sealing

The Aerial Subscriber Node allows the connection between the subscriber cables and the distribution cable on a FTTx network. It is rated IP55 making it suitable for installations on a pole or a facade.

The Aerial Subscriber Node 24 delivers a superior level of connectivity and customer satisfaction with unbreakable connections, seamless performance, and hassle-free operations with minimal downtime

Equipped with the Easy Secure anchoring system, the Omelcom Aerial Subscriber Node has an installation time of only 45 seconds per cable.

Technical Benefits of the Aerial Subscriber Node:

The Distri-Protect protects the distribution cables – during the hookup phase and enables it to mix by-pass and hookup splices in the same box.

  • Reduces the total amount of boxes needed by 10%.
  •  It saves the matching installation costs.
  • Also lowers maintenance costs by ensuring a limited risk of fiber breakage during the hookup phase.

Easy Secure – guarantees a secure hold of the distribution cables.

  • Decreases anchor installation time by 90%.
  • Improves anchoring performance by 400%.
  • Requires less maintenance over time.
  • It reduces the overall OPEX cost during the network operation phase.

For detailed information, check out the product data sheet.

Data sheet
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