Opale Systems
Analog testing driven by MultiDSLA
  • Signal sampling rate up to 96 kHz for future standards
  • Any user-supplied speech material in WAV or PCM format, generated with user-defined mean active speech level with setting range -99dBm to +10dBm
  • Sine wave, including swept and noise 20Hz to 22kHz, setting range -99dBm to +10dBm, any duration
  • DTMF setting range -99dBm to +10dBm, any duration
  • DTMF user-defined twist, frequency offset and break duration
  • Conversational speech with/without double-talk
  • Two independent tracks on each DSLA channel to create Complex mixed signals, e.g. speech plus noise

This device is a 6slot modular system that allows users to flexibly define which interfaces to use. Build your own test system specifically according to your needs.

The modular conception allows a wide choice of connections such as PSTN lines, phone handsets, legacy adapters used with DSLA2c for Bluetooth, PTT, and any kind of mobile devices. DSLA3 also accepts legacy GPS modules.

DSLA3 embeds a Wi-Fi 5 module to either connect to your network or create an access point to relay the Smartphone control command to the tested Smartphones.

DSLA3 includes a touchscreen to configure its IP and MultiDSLA IP/hostname to reach.

The management connection is an upstream flow toward MultiDSLA application, giving the possibility of deploying the DSLA3 on remote sites without the need of firewall or port forwarding implementation and allowing the MultiDSLA application to be placed in the cloud.

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