FOD6003 Optic Connector Inspection Screwdriver

Frame Optical Devices
Handheld fibre inspection tool
  • Trim, lightweight, ergonomic and highly productive tool
  • App-based automatic and manual focus; auto-centreing after image capture
  • One button workflow using rapid LED feedback on probe
  • Multi-colour LED on probe for fast pass/fail user inspection feedback
  • Pairs with an iOS or Android smart device and can interact with a cloud-based workflow management platform
  • IEC, IPC, end user-defined pass/fail analysis when paired with a smart device
  • Wide range of adapter tips including MPO/MTP multi-fibre connectors and bulkheads
  • Over 8 hours operation with rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • Inspection of connectors on patch cords or in bulkhead adapters
  • Installation, troubleshooting and maintenance of fibre network
  • Inspection of multi-fibre connectors including MPO16 and MXC®
  • Critical fibre infrastructure performance assurance
  • Verification of proper connector cleaning methods of procedure

FOD6003 is an ergonomic Fibre Optic Connector Inspection System that, when paired with an iOS or Android smart device, provides fast and accurate IEC/IPC compliant and user-defined pass/fail end-face cleanliness analysis. Free of charge iOS and Android companion apps support a comprehensive and user-friendly feature set.

Pass/fail results in seconds: With the press of a single button, FOD6003 auto-focuses, captures, centres and analyses the end-face image to industry standard IEC 61300-3-35 (2015), IPC-8497-1 and user-defined criteria.

Untethered operation: App-based report generator with results/reports transferable to the cloud. With rechargeable battery and convenient pass/fail LED feedback, FOD6003 can be used semi-independently.

Wide range of adapter tips: Interchangeable adapter tips support single and multifibre connector inspection for a wide range of patch cords and bulkhead-mounted connectors having either PC/UPC or APC polished end-faces.

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