OM5000 Optical Attenuator

Desktop optical attenuator
  • Attenuates wavelengths within 1200 ~ 1650nm range, with 0.01dB resolution
  • Top requested feature: can stop optical signal at any time
  • Low insertion loss; high accuracy & repeatability
  • Connect to a PC from the GPIB connector port
  • Additional WiFi function makes it easy to check system stability

The OM5000 is a desktop optical attenuator that serves a wide wavelength range of 1200 ~ 1650nm. Equipped with systems for precise circuit control and position-sensing, the OM5000 offers a continuously variable attenuation range of 0~60dB with high accuracy, good reliability, and fast response. It is ideal for test and debug tasks in an optical fiber communication system, as well as metering the right amount of power for your system’s needs.

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