Spirent Paragon-neo

Solve the timing challenges of 5G
  • PTP Field Verifier (PFV)
  • • Analyze PTP protocol for conformance to standards or user-defined profiles.
  • • Automatic pass/fail indication—check captured PTP messages against a pre-defined set of rules, with clear pass/fail alerts.
  • Conformance Test Application
  • • Start testing in seconds—just two clicks to configure crucial standards-defined test sequences.
  • • Automatically generates PTP and ESMC messages, Time Error and SyncE impairments, and applies filters, metrics and masks.Analyze the Time Error (TE) of, for example, Class-C/D T-Boundary Clocks or Class-B PRTC/Master Clocks.
  • Apply standards-defined Time Error impairments.
  • Combine with SyncE and ESMC for complex tests such as Phase Noise Response to SyncE Transient.
  • Best-in-Class Accuracy - Leveraging years of experience in PTP and SyncE testing, Paragon-neo delivers sub-nanosecond accuracy for key timing measurements.
  • Easy Configuration - PTP device emulation, Time Error impairment patterns, SyncE Jitter and Wander noise, all automatically controlled.
  • Real-Time Analysis - Calnex Analysis Tool (CAT) and PTP Field Verifier (PFV) allow real time pass/fail analysis of complex timing metrics and PTP profile conformance, all with one-click report generation.

As the world prepares for 5G, the levels of synchronization accuracy and speed of data transfer required are increasing exponentially. In response, the ITU-T is enhancing the G.827x series of standards to cover next-generation accuracy requirements—to ensure that Ethernet systems are robust against varying transmission delays and other effects that can significantly disrupt the precise transfer of timing.

The Paragon-neo is the latest platform from Spirent, providing PTP and SyncE testing of speeds up to 100GbE. It’s designed

to meet the stringent test requirements of NEMs who
are developing, verifying and manufacturing devices against enhanced timing standards such as for ITU-T G.8273.2 Class-C/D Boundary Clocks. And for those designing and deploying 5G networks and systems.

What’s more, because high network efficiency and reduced data transmission costs are only possible with highly accurate timing, Paragon-neo offers hardware performance and software test methodologies allowing sub-nanosecond accuracy for the entire test system.

Supporting Your Changing Environment

To meet the timing challenges of 5G deployments, Spirent is committed to providing the most advanced, precise and reliable test solutions to make sure your devices and systems deliver the high quality network services of the future. In a changing world, it’s good to know that some things never change.

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