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The toolset for the transition to 5G

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E8900A 5G Handheld Spectrum Analyser

High-performance handheld analyser for construction & maintenance of 5G NR systems. Supports interference analysis, spectrum analysis and FDD-LTE or TDD-LTE signal demodulation analysis.

Featured product


Fully virtualised software based solution to test and assure 5G network slices and service chains.

Ensure SLA performance and find issues in software before end users.

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Enabling successful 5G deployments

Introduction to interference hunting


E8900A 5G Handheld Spectrum Analyser

5G Handheld Spectrum Analyser

Protocol analysis

Simulate and test a range of network protocols across the telecom network

Wireless testbeds

Portable wireless testbeds supporting automated Wi-Fi testing including Wi-Fi 6e, OFDMA, and TR-398 issue 2

Wireless shielded boxes

Highly isolated, portable shielded boxes for easily configurable, repeatable test environments

Wireless test modules

A range of test modules for RF testing including traffic endpoints, attenuators and interference generators.

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