Amphibox NANO

The ultimate FTTH (Fiber To The Home) Network Solution that offers seamless connectivity and unparalleled performance.
Amphibox NANO
  • Ultra-compact and discreet design
  • IP68-certified and UV-resistant, suitable for both underground and aerial applications
  • Consists of 4 splices, 2 adapters
  • 4 anchoring clamps
  • Flawless sealing is ensured by a high-quality silicone gel
  • Quick and Easy installation.

The Amphibox Nano is a compact tool, suitable for installations in manholes as well as overhead poles, making it perfect for connecting and maintaining FTTH Networks.

IP68 Enclosure

The Amphibox range meets all splicing requirements, accommodating anywhere from 4 to 1008 splices, and can also house connectors.

Sealing Technology

Tightness is ensured by a gel system without any additional accessories.

The gel sealing waterproofs the cables irrespective of their diameter.


The tray system supports the use of all types of splice protectors, including heat shrink or crimp sleeves (ANT), and even allows for the placement of splitters.

For detailed information, check out the product data sheet.

Data sheet
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