Our range of transponders and open line systems help Network Service Providers turn up low cost, high capacity data centre interconnects.

Cost-efficient 100G+ connectivity for metro and datacentre interconnect.

Optimized for shorter distances
The focus is on solutions optimized for short to mid-range distances rather than national or regional access.

As business users are often spread across the city, the cost of these transport solutions are minimised in order to be able to support multiple businesses across the metropolitan area.

When scaling up to 100G and beyond, operators wonder if they will be forced to abandon the ease-of-use they have come to appreciate in favor of high-scale, chassis-based solutions for their metro network. These kind of solutions that require increased space, power and the integration, configuration and maintenance skills of experienced telecom engineers. Instead these open line systems are easy to install and have minimal space and power requirements.

Easy turn-up and management

While you may expect it to be difficult to install, test and manage high speed optical interconnects, our range of Open Line Systems offer unparalleled ease of use. Instead of requiring hours or days of configuration and commissioning, turning up a high-speed data centre inter-connect can be accomplished in just a few minutes.