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Automate, operate, optimise and secure your network

Our range of hardware and software solutions push your network to achieve peak performance, through active test and monitoring, network orchestration, security overlays and unique hardware solutions.

Network Automation

Modular portfolio of cloud-native software applications that deliver closed-loop automation to translate business intent into service performance across the entire service delivery lifecycle: plan, orchestrate, assure, correlate, and optimise.

Paragon Active Assurance

Fully automatable software solution for active network testing and monitoring across physical and multi-cloud networks. Software test agents provide metrics that matter to customers, from Layer 2 to Layer 7, across your entire network.

Paragon Insights

Aggregate large volumes of time series telemetry data and provides a multidimensional view across the network and its applications.

Paragon Planner

Network modeling tool providing network resource visualization and detailed architectural planning enabling forecasting the impact of network changes such as latency, additional traffic, shifts in traffic flows, and new capacity on transport services.

Paragon Pathfinder

An SDN, traffic engineering controller, simplifies traffic engineering, making it easier for network operators to obtain the benefits provided by transport service paths, such as MPLS/RSVP, SR, and Network Slicing

DataCentre Interconnects

SmartOptics open optical networking solutions enable you to get the most out of your fibre network. Solutions that enable huge amounts of data traffic to be transported over dark fiber networks.

DCP-M Open Line System

Next generation platform for PAM 4 and Coherent DWDM DCI connectivity. DCP-M is exactly like using a passive multiplexer, but unlike a passive multiplexer it monitors the traffic, amplifies the signals for longer distances and can handle higher data rate protocols.

Low Power 100G Transponder

DCP-101 is a low power 100G transponder with front to back or back to front cooling. It has a QSFP28 client port that accepts all standard transceiver types including DAC (Copper) cables.

8 Channel Transponder

Equipped with PAM4 QSFP28 transceivers, the DCP-108 is the ideal product for terminating 100G services in a cost-efficient way at the subscriber premises.

M-Series Open Line System

ETSI form factor open line system supporting any combination of DWDM transceivers, transponders or muxponders. Modern management architecture easily integrated into any network telemetry systems.

10 Channel Transponder

DCP-1610 is a high density multi-channel multi-rate transponder module offering independent xWDM transponders suitable for 40/10/1G Ethernet and 16/8G Fibre Channel transport.

Network Optimisation

Designed to help enterprises manage exponential traffic volumes and application growth.


Equips service providers with a simplified, hyperscale, automation-ready data plane to tackle the next era of network challenges.

TCP Accelerator

Allows network operators to dramatically improve network efficiency and quality of experience (QoE), by boosting subscriber network speeds through TCP acceleration

Secure connectivity

Designed to help enterprises manage exponential traffic volumes and application growth.

Virtual Secure Network

The Virtual Security Network intelligent networking solution allows customers to deploy fast, reliable, elastic and secure SD-WAN services that feature rapid advanced traffic management and easy cloud based deployment.

DDOS Resilience

SpectraSecure tests DDoS resilience in a controlled manner using configurable threat vectors that can mimic the malicious traffic launched by botnets.

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