10 Ways STINGA Network Analysis Tools Help Network Operators

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As telecom networks become more complex the need for powerful tools to help manage and maintain them grows. Here are 10 ways the STINGA Network Analysis Tools help network operators run their networks.

1 - Tailored Traffic Analysis

STINGA Performance Analyser provides a powerful Network & Business Analytics tool presenting network statistics and KPIs in interactive dashboards. Configuring dashboards for specific teams of users provides metrics relevant to their unique requirements.

2 - Rich Data Reporting

STINGA Protocol Analyser and STINGA Call Trace offer real-time and off-line protocol signaling decoding and analysis. This makes error tracking easier with detailed reporting where network data are enriched with customer data

3 - Visual Call Flow Analysis

STINGA Call Trace utilises a server-side search engine to search for historical XDRs and present the details both tabularly and graphically in Ladder Diagrams, with the possibility to drill-down to fully decoded protocol signaling messages.

4 - End-to-End Error Correlation

STINGA Call Trace offer the possibility to correlate XDRs across multiple networks and protocols. Historical search of XDR repositories enables error locations and drill down to individual messages.

5 - Data Analytics & Visualization

STINGA Performance Analyser lets users visualize and analyze data with grids, charts and graphs, highlighting key issues and network performance parameters.

6 - Mass Call & Fraud Reporting

Identify fraudulent voice calls or messaging services from Mass Call dashboards and reports in STINGA Performance Analyzer.

7 - Live & Scheduled Reporting

STINGA Performance Analyzer offers near real-time KPI reporting as well as scheduled reporting.

8 - KPI Alerts

Get email alerts when KPIs deviate from baseline or specified threshold values.

9 - Voice Quality Analysis

STINGA Performance Analyzer can present MOS, R-factor, packet loss, jitter and delay related to VoIP calls.

10 - Flexible deployment

STINGA Network Analysis tools are web-based applications running in a fully virtualized or on-premises environment.

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