STINGA Performance Analyzer

UTEL Systems
Network & Business Analytics, Fraud Reporting, Voice Quality & Protocol Analysis
  • Network & Business Analytics
  • Fraud, Mobile, Roaming, VoIP, TDM and Voice Quality Reporting
  • Interactive Dashboards – drill it, dice it, slice it
  • Live & Scheduled KPI Reporting
  • Alarms & Thresholds
  • Integration with STINGA Monitoring System
  • Integration with 3rd-party Monitoring Solutions
  • Import 3rd-party Metadata
  • Export to Excel & PDF
  • Real-time and Off-line Protocol Analysis
  • Call Trace & Message Flow Diagram
  • Available from Browsers, Tablets and Smartphones

That’s what the Network Analysis suite from Utel Systems is all about: To take billions of data records from telecom networks all around the world and letting it all make perfect sense right in front of you – on the screen of your computer, tablet or mobile. Making you able to understand, control and maintain superior network quality and performance – all key factors to boost brand loyalty, improve revenue and growing market shares.  

STINGA Performance Analyzer provides a powerful Network & Business Analytics tool presenting network statistics and KPIs in interactive dashboards. It is an easily accessible and a fully flexible solution. 

Billions of calls and transactions captured through the state of the art STINGA Monitoring System are instantly processed, structured and presented to help you make key business decisions. Pre-configured dashboards help you keep track of critical network parameters, whereas the flexibility of STINGA Performance Analyzer makes it possible to customize dashboards to your specific needs. Dashboards can easily be designed according to the type of user groups to get the most meaningful information – such as engineers, account managers, destination managers, OMC or NOC. 

In combination with data triggered alerts, it helps you to enrich customer experience by proactively diagnosing network issues. The interactive user interfaces and live dashboards give you a quick overview of your network’s health. STINGA Performance Analyzer has the capability of visualizing data captured from large multi-technology networks.
STINGA Call TraceSTINGA XDR Search provides you with the capability of looking into the details associated with individual calls and transactions. Search for historical records, analyze related protocol signaling messages and follow the call flow by correlating multiple network interfaces and technologies. STINGA XDR Search makes error tracking easier with detailed reporting where network data are enriched with customer data.
STINGA Protocol AnalyzerSTINGA Protocol Analyzer is suitable for real-time and off-line protocol monitoring, decoding and analysis. Advanced filtering, call trace and message flow diagrams are available for efficient network troubleshooting and error tracking. Data can be visualized and exported in various formats to provide crisp insights. Protocol stacks within Mobile, IP, TDM and Converged Networks are supported
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